New York event on Israel

Posted on June 18, 2010 in Default

Following Peter Beinart’s well-publicised recent article that  argued that young US Jews were being ‘lost’ by the Jewish establishment, through being forced to chooose between liberalism and the support for Israel, it’s interesting to see this event being organised in New York:

Love, Hate and the Jewish State 3.0:
What’s Jewish about a Jewish State?

Thursday, June 24 at 7:00 pm
The JCC in Manhattan
334 Amsterdam Ave at 76th Street
Cost $10

Do your social justice values impact the way that you relate to Israel as the Jewish state?

Social justice and Israel are often polarizing and separate conversations. Israel’s Jewish character affects government policy, life-cycle events, state symbols, and everyday life for both Jews and non-Jews.

Join us for the third in a series of highly interactive, non-persuasive, open discussions with a diverse group of people in their 20s and 30s.  The program will be followed by a reception.

Hosted by Joel Chasnoff, Comedian and Author of The 188th Crybaby Brigade: A Skinny Jewish Kid from Chicago Fights Hezbollah

It’s interesting that the event is being organised by the  New Israel Fund and various other progressive groups. There seems to be an emerging strategy within self-defined ‘pro-Israel, pro-pace’ groups to soft-peddle campaigning in favour of opening spaces for free discussion of Israel. While this is fine in and of itself, there is a danger of bad faith in that clearly the sort of views they want to encourage are of a particular kind. What we really need are ‘establishment’ organisations holding such discussions with both left and right participating.