Attack on Souciant

Posted on February 6, 2012 in Default, Home

Souciant, one of my favourite web publications, for which I’ve written a number of times, is currently fighting off an attack on its website. Although, it’s not yet entirely clear whether this an intentional ideological attack or not. Still, it’s worrying whatever the reason and the site is still not back up at the time of writing. Here is a statement by Joel Schalit, Souciant’s managing editor and co-founder. Feel free to share.

On Sunday morning, Souciant was attacked and taken offline The culprit is a hacker, who, as we were informed today, placed malicious code in our backend, causing havoc inside of our website.

If this was done intentionally (not all malicious hacking is) it was done for ideological reasons. Souciant’s commissions on Israeli foreign policy, US politics, and European multiculturalism, are particularly popular on social media sites such as Reddit. Not always for positive reasons. Still, we’re grateful for the attention. If we’re being punished because of the quality of our publications, we must be doing something right.

Souciant was founded in 2010 by journalists, designers, and publishers with backgrounds at firms such as  the BBC, Yahoo!, Sub Pop records, and Punk Planet. Its staff are volunteers. Launched on March 15th last year, without funding, Souciant boasts eleven thousand dedicated monthly readers, primarily in North America and Europe. Souciant’s articles have been translated into French, Hebrew and Korean.

Souciant publishes one feature a day. The idea is less is more. That is, higher profiles for Souciant’s contributors, and wider recognition of their work. The fact that our publications are progressive – our last two articles were on Roberto Bolaño’s newly translated novel about Nazi role playing, and a piece advocating the translation of German newspapers for immigrants – is exactly the approach that’s required.

Please help spread the word about what’s happened. Because we’re small and independent, Souciant is an obvious target. One shot like this, and we’re down.