The first ever Soft Drinks Club

Posted on January 27, 2013 in Home

After years of thinking about it and joking about it, I finally did it: I’ve set up Soft Drinks Club.

The club is for those adventurers who wish to explore the exciting and diverse world of soft drinks. We will meet to engage in interesting conversations, with interesting people, while sampling interesting soft drinks.

Here’s the rules:

1)Come along ready to talk to people you don’t already know.
2) Bring someone interesting with you.
3) Bring along an interesting soft drink, preferably enough so that everyone can try some
4) Coke, Sprite and the like do not count as interesting soft drinks
5) Nor do fruit juices, unless they have something interesting added to them.
6) Soft drinks don’t have to be carbonated to be interesting.
7) At the end we will vote for the favourite soft drink of the evening and the winner will receive…something, probably.

Interested? The first soft drinks club will be at 7:30 on Wednesday 30 January 2013, at the Moshe House in Willesden. Email me if you’d like to come.

This is what I will be bringing: