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Posted on May 15, 2020 in Default, Home

Here are some articles that I’ve had published since the start of 2020 (in reverse chronological order)

A generational divide in British Jewry?, in Jewish News, 14 May 2020

In spite of populist Brexiteer promises, science and the state still rule in Britain, in Little Atoms, 6 May 2020

The sweet smell of spiritual sanctuary, in The Tablet, 1 May 2020

All you need is hate: the dangerous pleasures of extremism, in Prospect, 2 April 2020

Jewish community has gone virtual. But it’s my neighbors I’m discovering and leaning on, in The Forward, 1 April 2020

After the pandemic: how will the right fight back?, in Open Democracy, 16 March 2020

If everyone was a little bit shameless, it might deflate the ‘anti-woke’ right in the Guardian, 2 March 2020

Labour’s antisemitism crisis is unsolvable without some wary pragmatism in the Guardian, 28 January 2020