Co-edited with Andrew Bennett

After Subculture: Critical Studies in Contemporary Youth Culture

The concept of ‘subculture’ has long been of significant importance in research on youth, style, deviance and popular culture. Although in more recent years subculture has been the subject of sustained critique, it still provides a valuable point of reference for study and research. This text offers students an up-to-date and wide-ranging account of new developments in youth culture research that reject, refine or reinvent the concept of subculture. Bringing together key theoretical statements with illuminating analyzes of particular aspects of youth culture – popular music, clubbing, body modification, the internet, etc. – this is an ideal introduction to a diverse and wide-ranging field.



Introduction; A.Bennett & K.Kahn-Harris
Culture, Subculture and Social Organisation; P.J.Martin
Fragmented Culture and Subcultures; D.Chaney
‘It’s Like Canada Reduced’: Setting the Scene in Montreal; G.Stahl
Dance Nations: Rethinking Youth Subcultural Theory; B.Carrington & B.Wilson
Tourists and Travellers? ‘Subcultures’, Reflexive Identities and Neo-Tribal Sociality; P.Sweetman
Teenage Girls’ ‘Bedroom Culture’: Codes Versus Zones; S.Lincoln
Unspectacular Subculture?: Transgression and Mundanity in the Global Extreme Metal Scene; K.Kahn-Harris
Youth Strategies for Glocal Living: Space, Power and Communication in Everyday Cultural Practice; H.Pilkington
The Goth Scene and (Sub)Cultural Substance; P.Hodkinson
Buffy Night at the Seven Stars: A ‘Subcultural’ Happening at the ‘Glocal’ Level; G.Bloustien
Virtual Subculture? Youth, Identity and the Internet; A.Bennett
Afterword; S.Frith

Also published in 2012 in a translated Chinese edition by China Youth Press, ISBN 978-7515304908



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First Published: May 5, 2004

Publisher: Palgrave

Themes: Culture, Music