Edited under the name Keith Harris

New Voices in Jewish Thought: Volume Two

This was the second collection of essays on topics in Jewish thought by British doctoral students.  As with the first volume, the collection was intended to stimulate critical thinking on the relationship between the Jewish world and the wider culture.



You can download a pdf of the book (reconstructed from old files!) by clicking on the ‘Read an Extract’ button or here.


An Orphaned Land?: Israel and the Global Extreme Metal Scene

Keith Harris

‘From Ambivalence to Contradiction: Postmodernity, Time and American-Jewish Identity’

Alex Gordon

‘Ghetto Radicalism: The Jewish East End’

Ben Gidley

‘Jewish Museums and Jewish Renewal’

David Clark

‘Passover Cleaning’

Robert Rabinowitz

Book cover of New Voices in Jewish Thought: Volume Two

Formats available: Out of print

First Published: November 1, 1999

Publisher: Limmud Publications

Reviews for New Voices in Jewish Thought: Volume Two

The five essays in this book represent highly creative attempts to deal with the problematics of contemporary diaspora Jewish identity, including the need to deepen an understanding of new trends in Israeli society

Jonathan Webber

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