The Best Water Skier in Luxembourg

The Best Waterskier in Luxembourg: Tales of Big Fish in Small Ponds was a book that I began crowdfunding in 2011 through the then-newly-formed publisher Unbound. The book was intended to be a travelogue in which I would track down obscure big fish in obscure small ponds – beginning with the eponymous waterskier.

The crowdfunding was a partial success. I raised enough money to go and meet the actual best waterskier in Luxembourg, as well as the top politician in Alderney (one of the Channel Islands). However the crowdfunding campaign eventually stalled – the fundraising target was too ambitious – and the rest of the book was never completed.

I have no regrets. The project was enormous fun. In this themed collection you can find and download the chapters recounting my adventures finding the best waterskier in Luxembourg and the top politician in Alderney.  You can also find some fun pitch videos and talks I gave about the project.

Maybe one day I will return to this project. For now I remain interested in and continue to write about the theme of Small Worlds more generally.

The crowdfunding campaign offered various rewards to those who supported the book. Here is a postcard I created for supporters, showing the best waterskier himself (a guy called Jeff Bidinger):

And for those who backed the project at a higher level, I commissioned a T shirt with a specially created black metal-style logo of the ‘Luxembourg waterskiing legion’. It made no sense then and makes no sense now but I still love it:

Scroll down for further silliness…

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