The Babel Message: Additional Content

Babel Message cover

If you’re a language fan, a Kinder Surprise fan or a fan of my book the Babel Message, this section of my website is for you. Here you can find more about my heroic quest to understand the secrets of the ‘Manuscript’ (the warning message sheet found inside Kinder Surprise Eggs) and the ‘Message’ (the warning message itself), as well as to commission translations into as many languages as possible. You may also want to join me on my quest and contribute new translations, correct existing ones or propose solutions to the mysteries I have encountered on my journey. I offer the following pages and links for your delectation:

It’s also only fair, given its importance in my researchers, to recommend you also visit:

  • The Codex (aka – the wellspring of knowledge for true Message and Manuscript fans.
  • The official Kinder webpage – if you don’t actually know what a Kinder Surprise Egg is.

Finally, for more about me, check out the rest of my website or  sign up to my mailing list/ contact me.