The Babel Message: Mea Culpas, Errors and Corrections

Babel Message cover

Well the book isn’t even out yet so…so far so good. I’m sure that, once its out (or even sooner if reviewers get in touch) readers will contact me to point out the ham-fisted errors I have made in transcribing Messages in languages I don’t understand, or misunderstandings about linguistics and particular languages.  Feel free to contact me if you spot something and I will post corrections here.

Having said that, there are some errors in the book but they are errors in the Manuscript itself. I point out some of them in the book and discuss them further as well as listing others, on this page.

Although not errors as such, there are some omissions in the book that I noticed too late to include in the final version:

  • My main oversight  was that I should have included the Uzbek and Kyrgyz Messages in the book, given that I made such a big deal out of collecting the ‘set’ of former Soviet Union Messages. I have rectified this in the list of Messages on this website.
  • In the book, I stated that I wasn’t aware of encountering ‘Altabash’ – the word with which I started in creating my own language in chapter 14 – before. However, after the book was finished I did come across ‘Atbash’, which is a Hebrew cypher found in the Bible. It vaguely rang a bell so maybe I had come across it before and I drew on it unconsciously? I guess I can never be sure.

Have you spotted an error in the book. Feel free to contact me to point it out!

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